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          Welcome to Augustana

          A nationally recognized university located in Sioux Falls, Augustana is home to students who aspire to become the change-makers and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

          We believe life is about the journey — the places you see, the experiences you have, the knowledge you gain and the people you meet along the way. It's what being a Viking is all about and it's why we're proud to partner with families to make that journey possible.

          Chart Your Course

          On commencement day, AU Vikings graduate with a vast professional network, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a passport to possibility. We're proud to share our Outcomes Report for the Augustana University Class of 2019, featuring a 99 percent placement rate. 

          Be a Viking

          Since 1860, Augustana has been the place great thinkers come to dream big dreams and forge new pathways in pursuit of building a better tomorrow. Here, our Vikings accept the call to navigate uncharted waters, break down barriers and conquer new ground.

          Join the voyage, board the ship, and Be a Viking at Augustana University.

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